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Compliance, Inc.'s engineering staff has the expertise and experience to successfully complete complex site remediation projects. Our professional engineers work with our clients through the conceptual design, cost-estimating, final design, bidding and construction oversight phases of the remediation process. When the system is in, we ensure high operating up time through qualified operation and maintenance services. We use our remediation experience to resolve site-specific issues, as well as local and state regulatory concerns, as they arise in the remediation process. Our remedial actions have reliable operation up time and high contaminant removal results.

Key Benefits

  • Experience - Our Project Managers average more than 30 years of experience remediating contaminated sites. This experience enables us to select the remediation approach that will be most effective for the unique circumstances presented by each client’s site.
  • Cost Effective - We constantly strive to identify and implement the remediation approach that will have the least impact on an environmental budget. Knowing each project’s potential for unique and unanticipated factors, our Project Managers pride themselves on completing projects within or under established budgets.
  • Innovative - Compliance, Inc. knows that technologies evolve and we use our expertise to evaluate new technologies and develop our own innovative means of remediation.

Compliance, Inc. effectively completes large-scale as well as small-scale remediation projects. We have successfully completed the design, installation and operation of enhanced bioremediation, multi-phase extraction, groundwater sparging, soil vapor extraction, groundwater flow control, and free product recovery systems. We have performed remediation of large soil and sludge contaminated sites, extensive free product contaminated areas, and plumes of ground water contamination in a variety of geological settings. Our remediation work has encompassed a variety of chemical contaminants including petroleum products and waste products, solvents, heavy metals, pesticides and PCBs.


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