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Property acquisition requires the evaluation of potential liabilities associated with existing and past uses of a site.  Compliance, Inc.’s environmental site assessment services are tailored to identify and manage these liabilities.  We do this by developing an assessment plan that matches our client’s project goals and then implementing that plan in tandem with all other acquisition activities.

Compliance, Inc. provides these services to private and public clients involved in large, multi-site commercial and industrial transactions as well as those seeking to acquire smaller developed and undeveloped properties. We understand that these transactions require a special degree of timeliness, responsiveness, and confidentiality. Our clients also know that when the project requires further Phase II investigation, Compliance, Inc.’s staff has the experience and capability to complete that additional assessment within their transaction framework.

In Michigan, our assessments frequently include preparing a Baseline Environmental Assessment (BEA). The BEA process allows prospective purchasers to acquire impacted property without retaining known or potential environmental liabilities.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive Services - Our staff has the expertise to provide all required due diligence and property transaction services.
  • Responsive to Your Schedule - We understand the unique constraints associated with property transactions and work to make the process proceed on schedule.
  • Budget Sensitive - We understand that due diligence is only one factor in your overall transaction process and that the reliability of projected costs is a key to a transaction’s success.

We provide environmental services for all types of property assessments.  Specific services that we perform include:

  • Phase I ESAs (ASTM 1527)
  • Phase II ESAs
  • Property Transaction Screening (ASTM 1528)
  • Baseline Environmental Assessments
  • Brownfield Redevelopment Consulting
  • Due Care Plans


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