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Compliance, Inc. is certified by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality's Storage Tank Division as a Qualified Underground Storage Tank Consultant (QUSTC). We have maintained this certification since 1993. Compliance, Inc.’s staff includes five Certified Underground Storage Tank Professionals (CUSTPs) with experience employing a variety of risk based closure options. We have performed investigation and remedial activities at more than 200 leaking underground storage tank sites throughout Michigan and the Midwest.

Key Benefits

  • Reliable - We make it our business to ensure your project is completed in full compliance with the changing regulatory requirements.
  • Cost Savings - Our experience using risk based corrective actions and innovative cleanup options allows for faster and less costly site closures.
  • Hands on - Your site will be handled by a Project Manager with significant experience. Our managers average more than twenty years of experience working on UST projects. This means more efficient management, direct feedback of environmental findings, and completion of the project by staff who are most familiar with your site and situation.

Compliance, Inc.'s experience helps our clients operate in the competitive retail petroleum marketplace with an assurance that environmental compliance does not invade the bottom line. Whether it is ongoing compliance with UST regulations or the remediation and closure of a petroleum release, Compliance, Inc. provides the professional services required to complete the job right.

  • UST Removal Oversight
  • Initial Assessment Reports
  • Final Assessment Reports
  • Tier 2/Tier 3 Modeling
  • Site Remediation
  • Risk-Based Corrective Actions
  • UST Site Acquisition (Phase I/Phase II ESAs, BEAs)


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